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The following is a list of Madison Electric's most commonly requested products. If you did not find the product you were looking for, please call or email Madison Electric. A knowledgeable Sales Associate can answer all your questions and find the right product for all your applications.

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Analog PLC I/O Modules
Automation Equipment
Automatic Identification
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Bar Code Equipment (All Types)
Blocks (All Types)  
Blocks, Terminal  
Board Level PLCs  
Boards (All Types)  
Boards, Terminal  
Breakers (All Types)  
Breakers, Circuit  
Brushless Servo Amplifiers  
Brushtype Servo Amplifiers  
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Cable Assemblies  
Cable Connectors  
Cable Jacks  
Cable Ties  
Cables (All Types)  
Cables, Computer  
Cables, Electrical  
Cables, Electronic  
Cables, Telecommunication  
Cases (All Types)  
Cases, Electronic Equipment  
Circuit Breakers  
Color Sensors  
Computer Enclosures  
Computer Equipment Upgrade Service  
Computers (All Types)  
Computers, Industrial  
Computers, Single-Board  
Conditioning Equipment (All Type  
Conditioning Equipment, Power  
Conduit & Conduit Fittings  
Connectors (All Types)  
Connectors, Cable  
Connectors, Electric Power  
Connectors, Network Cabling  
Connectors, Wire  
Consultants (All Types)  
Consultants, Energy  
Contactors (All Types)  
Contactors, Electrical  
Controllers (All Types)  
Controllers, Soft Start Motor  
Controls (All Types)  
Controls, Electric  
Controls, Motor  
Controls, Multi-Loop  
Controls, Programmable  
Controls, Single-Loop  
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Digital PLC I/O Modules  
Dimensioning Systems  
Distance Measurement  
Drives (Elec) (All Types)  
Drives (Elec), Servo  
Drives (Elec), Variable Speed  
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Edge Sensors  
Electric & Electronic Enclosures  
Electric Controls  
Electric Harnesses  
Electric Heaters  
Electric Heating Elements & Unit  
Electric Lamps  
Electric Motor Protectors  
Electric Power Connectors  
Electric Relays  
Electric Tools  
Electric/Electronic Transformers  
Electrical Cables  
Electrical Components  
Electrical Contactors  
Electrical Fuses  
Electrical Insulation Tapes  
Electronic Cables  
Electronic Equipment Cases  
Emergency Lights  
Enclosures (All Types)  
Enclosures, Computer  
Enclosures, Electric & Electro  
Encoders, Absolute  
Encoders, Incremental  
Encoders, Linear  
Energy Consultants  
Energy Management Services  
Energy Management Software  
Energy Management Systems  
Energy System Integrators  
Energy-Efficient Lighting System  
Exhaust Fans  
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Factory Floor Workstations  
Fans (All Types)  
Fans, Exhaust  
Fixtures (All Types)  
Fixtures, Lighting  
Flood Lights  
Fluorescent Lamps  
Fuses (All Types)  
Fuses, Electrical  
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Ground Fault Monitors  
Grounding Systems  
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Handheld Scanners  
Harnesses, Electric  
Heaters (All Types)  
Heaters, Electric  
Heating Elements & Units, Electr  
HID High Intensity Discharge Lig  
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Industrial Computers  
Industrial Safety Systems  
Industrial Workstations  
Insulated Wire (Elec)  
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Jacks (All Types)  
Jacks, Cable  
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Lamps (All Types)  
Lamps, Electric  
Lamps, Fluorescent  
Lamps, LED  
Lasers, Measurement  
Lasers, Sensors  
Lasers, Safety  
Lighting Fixtures  
Lighting Systems (All Types)  
Lighting Systems, Energy-Effic  
Lights (All Types)  
Lights, Emergency  
Lights, Flood  
Lights, HID High Intensity Dis  
Lights, Machine Vision  
Lights, Signaling  
Limit Switches (Elec)  
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Machine Vision Lights  
Management Services (All Types)  
Management Services, Energy  
Management Systems (All Types)  
Management Systems, Energy  
Markers (All Types)  
Markers, Wire & Cable  
Modules (All Types)  
Modules, Analog PLC I/O  
Modules, Digital PLC I/O  
Modules, PLC Communication I/O  
Modules, PLC Coprocessor I/O  
Modules, PLC Data Storage I/O  
Modules, PLC Distributed I/O  
Modules, PLC High Power I/O  
Modules, PLC High Speed Counti  
Modules, PLC Intelligent I/O  
Modules, PLC Motion Control I/  
Modules, PLC PID I/O  
Modules, PLC Remote I/O  
Monitors (All Types)  
Monitors, Ground Fault  
Monitors, Ruggedized  
Motion Controllers (All Types)  
Motion Controllers, Servo  
Motion Controllers, Single-Axi  
Motor Control Centers  
Motor Controls  
Multi-Loop Controls  
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Network Cables (All Types)  
Network Cables, Telecommunicat  
Network Cabling Connectors  
Network Training Services  
Networks (All Types)  
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Optical Character Recognition Eq  
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Piezoelectric Sensors  
PLC Data Storage I/O Modules  
PLC Distributed I/O Modules  
PLC High Power I/O Modules  
PLC High Speed Counting I/O Modu  
PLC Intelligent I/O Modules  
PLC Motion Control I/O Modules  
PLC PID I/O Modules  
PLC Remote I/O Modules  
PLCs (All Types)  
PLCs, Board Level  
PLCs, Small  
Power Conditioning Equipment  
Power Distribution Systems  
Power Supplies (All Types)  
Power Supplies, UPS (Uninterru  
Power Transformers  
Programmable Controls  
Protectors (All Types)  
Protectors, Electric Motor  
Protectors, Surge  
Proximity Sensors  
Proximity Switches (Sensing)  
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Readers Bar Code Equipment  
Relays (All Types)  
Relays, Electric  
Relays, Safety  
Ruggedized Monitors  
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Safety Interlock Switches (Elec)  
Safety, Light Curtains  
Safety, Networks  
Safety, Relays  
Safety, Scanners  
Safety, Switches  
Scanners (All Types)  
Scanners Bar Code Equipment  
Scanners, Fixed  
Scanners, Handheld  
Scanners, Omni  
Scanners, Safety  
Self-Protected Motor Starters  
Sensors (All Types)  
Sensors, Capacitive  
Sensors, Color  
Sensors, Contrast  
Sensors, Displacement  
Sensors, Distance Measurement  
Sensors, Edge  
Sensors, Fiber-Optic  
Sensors, Inductive  
Sensors, Intrinsically Safe  
Sensors, Laser  
Sensors, Light Grid Photoelectric  
Sensors, Luminescence  
Sensors, Magnetic Proximity  
Sensors, Magnetic Cylinder  
Sensors, Multi-Dimensional  
Sensors, Photoelectric  
Sensors, Piezoelectric  
Sensors, Proximity  
Sensors, Ultrasonic  
Sensors, Vision  
Servo Amplifiers (All Types)  
Servo Amplifiers, Brushless  
Servo Amplifiers, Brushtype  
Servo Drives (Elec)  
Servo Motion Controllers  
Signaling Equipment  
Signaling Lights  
Single-Axis Motion Controllers  
Single-Board Computers  
Single-Loop Controls  
Small PLCs  
Soft Start Motor Controllers  
Software (All Types)  
Software, Energy Management  
Solid State Motor Starters  
Starters (All Types)  
Starters, Self-Protected Motor  
Starters, Solid State Motor  
Surge Protectors  
Switches (Elec) (All Types)  
Switches (Elec), Limit  
Switches (Elec), Safety Interl  
Switches (Sensing) (All Types)  
Switches (Sensing), Proximity  
System Integrators (All Types)  
System Integrators, Energy  
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Tapes (All Types)  
Tapes, Electrical Insulation  
Telecommunication Cables  
Telecommunication Network Cables  
Terminal Blocks  
Terminal Boards  
Terminals (Electrical) (All Type  
Terminals (Electrical), Cable  
Terminals (Electrical), Wire  
Terminals Bar Code Equipment  
Ties (All Types)  
Ties, Cable  
Timers (All Types)  
Tools (All Types)  
Tools, Electric  
Training Services (All Types)  
Training Services, Network  
Transformers (All Types)  
Transformers, Electric/Electro  
Transformers, Power  
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Ultrasonic Sensors  
Upgrade Services (All Types)  
Upgrade Services, Computer Equipment  
UPS (Uninterruptible) Power Supplies  
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Variable Speed AC Drives (Elec)  
Vision Systems - 2D  
Vision Systems - 3D  
Vision - Based Scanners  
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Wire & Cable Markers  
Wire (Elec) (All Types)  
Wire (Elec), Insulated  
Wire Connectors  
Wiring Devices  
Workstations (All Types)  
Workstations, Factory Floor  
Workstations, Industrial  
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Note: Not all lines are stocked at every Madison Electric location.