Cable fittings, also known as cable glands, cord grips, or cable connectors, are a device designed to attach and secure an electrical cable to the equipment it is connected to. These provide strain relief, making the cable more secure by reducing possible sag. The cable that is being used depends on the situation. This device works in conjunction with cables and wiring in different electrical systems. Cable fittings also work by keeping out dust, liquid, and dirt, making sure that the enclosure stays clear. They can also be used to seal cables that pass through bulkheads or gland plates. This type of device is typically used for cables with diameters that range between 1mm and 75mm.

Benefits of Cable Fittings

The main goal of cable fittings is to maintain the overall health of a cable. The enclosure keeps out dust, dirt, and liquids, to ensure that the cable and wires stay secure and safely operational. A benefit of cable fittings is that they are able to be used on many different types of electrical systems, control systems, electrical instrumentation, data, and telecommunications. Cable fittings are made from various plastics, steel, brass, or aluminum, depending on the intended usage. There are specialized versions of cable fittings that are resistant to dripping water and water pressure typically come with synthetic rubber or other types of elastomer seals.

Cable Fittings with Madison Electric

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