Conduit fittings, also known as electrical fittings, are used to connect a line of conduit together or to connect a conduit to various electrical devices. The type of fitting used typically depends on the type of conduit you’re utilizing, the types of connections that need to be made, and the diameter of the conduit being connected. One important thing to keep in mind, is that local building and electrical codes regulate specific uses of some types of conduit and conduit fittings. One needs to make sure that they check the local codes in Ann Arbor, MI before purchasing fittings for their electrical projects.

Types of Conduit Fittings

There are various types of conduit fittings, each with specific uses. Conduit bodies are typically used to access the interior. This makes maintenance, wire pulling, and inspection much more accessible. Couplers are used to join two different lengths of conduit together. A metallic coupler works with metal conduits and nonmetallic couplers work with PVC conduit. Connectors are used to connect conduit to an enclosure or electrical box. Locknuts and bushings are used to protect wires from sharp edges on the interior of a fitting. Straps and hangers are components that attach the conduit to a wall, ceiling, or other structure in order to prevent sagging. Knowing the different types of conduit fittings is crucial when choosing fittings for your project.

Conduit Fittings with Madison Electric

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