LED dimmers can reduce the flow of electricity and control the light output that the LED light uses. LED dimmers can make the light run cooler and reduce its internal temperature to extend its lifespan. They work by trimming a section of the waveform and allowing only parts of it to pass through the bulb. They can set the mood of an environment and produce a low-lit effect, running at about 10% efficiency up to full brightness that effectively lights up a room and increases visibility.

Can LED Dimmers Save Energy? 

LED lights can save energy due to their high efficiency compared to alternatives. LED dimmers allow people to save power by controlling the amount of light in a given space and dimming the light when full brightness isn’t necessary. They are used in residential and commercial buildings to control the lighting and conserve energy. Since LED lights are already energy-efficient bulbs, LED dimmers can further maximize the amount of energy saved. 

LED Dimmers At Madison Electric

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