Safety switches are often confused with circuit breakers and fuses. There are some key differences between these different electrical components. Safety switches work by protecting you from electric shock. When the switches detect a current leak, they turn off the electricity immediately. This can happen from a faulty outlet, faulty wiring, or faulty electrical appliance is used. On the other hand, circuit breakers work by cutting the power when too much current is detected. Circuit breakers are protecting the circuitry from becoming too hot, which can lead to fires and other damage. Safety switches intended purpose is solely to protect you from electric shock.

Cost of Safety Switches

Safety switches can cost anywhere from $70 to $200, depending on the scope of what is needed. Many homes need more than one safety switch to fully protect the home. This piece of equipment is important because it can prevent electric shock, electricity-related fires, injury, and even death. So, one needs to take that into consideration when looking at the cost of safety switches. It also depends on whether the switches are being installed by the consumer or by an electrician. The best way to get an exact estimate of the cost of a safety switch is to visit an electrical wholesaler. The staff is trained to help you find exactly what you need for your home.

Safety Switches with Madison Electric

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