Circuit breakers are an essential part of any building’s electrical system. It is important to make sure that your circuit breakers are working properly in Livonia, MI. If you haven’t had your circuit breakers checked recently, then it may be worth looking into. Electrical wiring systems are complex and can be dangerous if an excessive amount of electrical current runs through it. Circuit breakers are vital in the system, making sure that the power is cut off if too much power is detected. Without the power being cut, the current could cause damage to your home by igniting a fire. This important piece of equipment keeps your building safe by warding off any potential electrical dangers.

Are There Different Types of Circuit Breakers?

There are a few different types of circuit breakers. The most common three are standard breakers, GFCI breakers, and AFCI breakers. Standard circuit breakers are best used for protecting your personal property and appliances from electrical faults. GFCI circuit breakers, also called ground fault circuit interrupters, protect from electrical shock in areas that have higher chances of shock such as garages, wet areas, laundry rooms, and kitchens. AFCI circuit breakers, or arc fault circuit interrupters, are typically used in place of standard breakers to lessen the potential for electricity arcing and causing a fire. It is important to know what type of circuit breakers are needed in your home.

Electrical Supplier with Madison Electric

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