The right type of time switch will depend on the unique needs of the person. The major types of time switches include analog time switches, digital time switches, and astronomic time switches. Analog time switches are operated manually and can be dialed to specific times. Digital time switches have multiple on and off cycles and can be programmed to set specific settings for different days of the week. Astronomic time switches calculate the timing of sunrise and sunset to turn appliances and devices on and off when needed.

What Are the Benefits of Time Switches? 

Time switches can control home appliances and devices that are connected to the timer. They can help you manage appliances better, improve security, improve comfort, and improve energy efficiency in a home or business. Time switches provide hassle-free programming and can be preset for weekdays and weekends. They can make traveling safer by automatically turning on lights at specific times, making it appear as if the home is occupied to deter burglary.

Time Switches At Madison Electric

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