Time switches are timers that provide better control over the electrical systems in homes. They are controlled by a timing mechanism that triggers at set times or time intervals to automatically turn electrical systems on or off. Time switches repeatedly turn on and off at set times after the input is received to control electrical systems such as outdoor lights, swimming pool pumps, pond pumps, and HVAC systems. 

What Are the Benefits of Time Switches? 

Time switches can provide daily, weekly, or yearly time control operations controlled by the hours of sunlight or turned on or off at specific times. Time switches can provide significant energy savings by automatically turning off circuits that are constantly running when they are not in use. Time switches can be used by people who are on vacation to automatically turn their lights on at night to make it appear as if people are home to keep burglars away. Time switches can help people control their power, conserve their power, and keep their homes safe.

Time Switches With Madison Electric

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