In April of 1914, Morris H. Blumberg formed the Morris Blumberg Company in an old industrial building on Woodward Ave. in Detroit. It was the inauspicious beginning of what today is Madison Electric Company, one of the largest electrical and electronic distribution firms in the country. The growth we have achieved over the past 100+ years is certainly attributable to Mr. Blumberg, his brother Max who joined him in 1916, and to the subsequent generations (now into our fourth) who have managed the business.

The newly formed Morris Blumberg Company was in a rented room only 30 by 60 feet on the corner of Woodward and Atwater in Detroit. Light bulbs, fuses, wire, and conduit were the product mainstays.

In 1916, Morris’ younger brother Max joined him, establishing a brotherly partnership that would carry the firm over 40 years until a second generation of family business leaders would take the helm. In 1918 Morris and Max changed the company’s name to the Morris H. Blumberg Electric Company.
The business remained in the original building until later that year when it was moved to a three story building on E. Jefferson Avenue.

In those days, deliveries of electrical products were made to contractors and industrial businesses via horse and buggy or streetcar. Paralleling the growth of Morris and Max’s business was the growth of Detroit’s automobile industry…an industry whose development would have a profound impact on the future of the company.

The company remained in the East Jefferson building until 1922 when the Blumbergs incorporated and moved to a larger building across the street.

In 1929, along with their most successful salesman, they founded what is now our outstate affiliate, Standard Electric Company.

1931 brought two significant changes. The company moved to even larger quarters on East Milwaukee Ave; and the company name went through another “adjustment.” The Blumbergs felt that their business would be better served if the company took on a more easily recognized name. Of the
many considered, Madison was preferred. This also happened to be their telephone exchange.

At the end of World War II, the 2nd generation was focused on enlarging their capabilities for what they felt would be a boom in construction and industrial electrical requirements. A new corporate home was acquired at 6000 Woodward that would remain Madison Electric Company headquarters
until 1992.

The next few decades saw a continuation of the Madison Electric Company philosophy of branch operations, not only to take products closer to the customer, but to increase personal service. Branch personnel were trained in the application of the quality products that best met the customer’s needs; a tradition that continues today. By the end of the 1960’s, additional products for the HVAC market were added.

In 1957, Madison Electric Company of Ann Arbor was founded by the Madison management team and one of their outside salesmen.

By the end of the 1970’s, the company had diversified into the world of industrial electronics, interconnect products, and custom made cable assemblies with the establishment of Madison Electronics Division.

The Industrial Automation Division was added in 1987 to provide sales and design capabilities in the area of production computers, programmable controls, man/machine interface, and adjustable frequency drives.

In 1989, the 3rd generation began leadership of Madison Electric Company.

In 1992, Madison Electric moved its headquarters to its current location at 31855 Van Dyke Ave. in Warren. That same year, Madison began its quality (CPI) program and has since earned the Ford Q1 rating and maintains an ISO standard with the most recent being ISO 9001:2008.

In 1996, Madison Electric Company of Ann Arbor was acquired as a branch of Madison Electric.

Over the next decade the company experienced continued growth. The Construction/Lighting Division was added to provide for the quoting and servicing of large power and lighting jobs. Energy efficient products were added, and energy monitoring audits grew to aid customers in taking advantage of available government programs and obtain a greater return on their investment.

Between 2008 and 2009, the company consolidated several smaller locations in larger “super service centers” to increase inventories, visibility, and enhanced customer service.

At this same time, Madison Electric became a distributor of industrial plumbing and mechanical supplies to the automotive industry, leveraging its expertise in logistics and service. Since then Madison Electric has expanded to service these products to a wide range of customers.

2013 saw the emergence of the 4th generation of leadership taking over much of the company operations. At their initiative, a new ERP computer system is coming online providing the company new resources and innovative technologies. With the next generation of leadership and state-of-the-art capabilities, Madison Electric Company looks forward to, and is poised for, the next 100 years.

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