Circuit breakers are a necessary application for any home or business that detects faults and prevents over surging in the electrical system. Circuit breakers cut off the power when current levels get too high from wiring problems or equipment failure. The extreme heat caused by electrical surges can cause overheating, melting, blown fuses, and even fires. All electrical systems require a circuit breaker to ensure safety in the home or business when an electrical device or wiring malfunctions. 

When do Circuit Breakers Need to be Replaced?

Quality circuit breakers generally need to be replaced every 25-30 years. They may need to be replaced sooner if they are showing signs of failing such as being unusually hot, melting, frayed wires, or creating a strange burning smell. Routine maintenance is needed to ensure your electrical systems are in order and your circuit breakers are functioning properly and serving their purpose. Professional electricians can identify problems with your circuit breakers and replace them before wear and tear damage causes them to weaken or fail.

Circuit Breakers With Madison Electric

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