Homeline breakers are installed at the main electrical panel, commonly referred to as the breaker box. A homeline breaker works by making sure that if too much electricity passes into the system, then it will turn off. This will keep from allowing the electrical system to overload, which can be dangerous. These breakers are also able to protect entire branch circuits within one’s home electric panel. Homeline breakers are only available for residential use. This type of breaker is not graded for commercial applications. Homeline single-pole circuit breakers are an optimal option for residential circuit breakers. 

Cost of Homeline Breakers

Fortunately, homeline breakers are actually incredibly affordable. These are priced somewhere around $5 in many stores, making them an excellent and reliable option. Another great aspect of homeline breakers is that they come with a limited lifetime warranty. This gives consumers peace of mind against possible future issues.

Benefit of Homeline Breakers

These breakers are a great option to keep your home safe. Without a reliable circuit breaker, one could put themselves in danger because of a possible electrical hazard. These breakers can use either a single load center space or two spaces which can take up an average home’s basic electrical load. Utilizing these breakers in your residential electrical system, one can expect quality.

Homeline Breakers with Madison Electric

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