Circuit breakers protect industrial, commercial, and residential buildings by tripping and cutting off the electrical supply in the case of a fault. They are essential safety devices for all types of buildings. Circuit breakers are installed in electrical panels, and each circuit is connected to a singular breaker in the breaker box. They can be operated automatically or manually to control the electrical system and are typically located inside the home where they are accessible.

How Do Circuit Breakers Work?

Circuit breakers will disrupt the flow of a current during an electrical overload or short circuit to prevent damage to the electrical circuit, appliances, or the home. When an electrical current exceeds the predetermined, safe amount, circuit breakers will automatically stop the flow of electricity to prevent more damage and the risk of a fire or electrocution caused by overheating. Different types of circuit breakers will vary in amp capacities and ratings and operate in different parts of the building. The rating will determine the amount of current it can carry and interrupt.

Circuit Breakers At Madison Electric

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